Best StemCell Chebe extract

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New breakthrough innovation in Hair growth!

100% natural 

Stimugro has partnered with Celprogen to Present StemCell Chebe extract for hair growth in both male and female with partner thinning baldness form phase I -Phase 5.


Stimugro StemCell Chebe™ extract stimulates the growth of hair only if the hair follicle is present or is in a dormant / arrested growth stage. The individuals utilizing this product have noticed positive changes in their hair growth. Images were taken before and after the application of FolliStem™+Chebe extract show clear improvement. the unique Stimugro Chebe extra show increase of 60% combined with stem cell  ( see the research study below)

Stimugro StemCell Chebe™ supports human hair follicle proliferation and growth when applied topically once daily to a clean scalp.  One of the major benefits of the product is that once treatment is stopped the hair gained remains intact as evidenced by the three-month study. The product works equally well for both genders and for all hair type.


Chebe Seeds extract Stem Cell lotion.